Sidesleeping Support Pillow and Pillowcase


Regular Price: £49.98

Member Price: £44.95


The SideSleeper pillow helps to make sleeping on your side a lot more comfortable and less painful. Side-sleeping on a conventional pillow causes your head to tilt forward, placing pressure on your neck and shoulders, while sleeping on your back curves your vertebrae and restricts your airway.

The SideSleeper pillow is uniquely shaped to help support your entire upper body in a posture that reduces spinal twisting and prevents aching shoulders, neck and back.

It also helps to stop snoring by opening up the air passageways, and is the only pillow we know with a built-in 'ear well' to take painful pressure off your ear and allow air circulation to keep you cool.


"I designed this pillow to make sure people are able to sleep in the normal side posture position in order to get the most restful sleep possible"

  • Made from hypo-allergenic hollow fibre
  • Comes with machine washable zipped polycotton cover
  • Max dimensions 16½" x 15¾"

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